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Wufoo Shortcode Plugin

Allows the use of a special short code for embedding Wufoo forms. It’s best to grab the shortcode from the Wufoo Code Manager. Example: For advanced users, you can pre-set Wufoo form values with an extra parameter: defaultv=”Field1=Bob&Field2=Sandwich Eater” Get

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Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets

Shortcodes in Sidebar Widgets plugin adds a light-weight filter which will allow shortcodes to properly execute when used in sidebar text widgets. All that is needed is to download, install and activate. I have found this plugin extremely useful for

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Tool Tip Hovers for Your Site

Yesterday I was trying to find a WordPress widget that would allow me to show a portion of text in a hover over tool-tip type setup.  I’ve been looking for something like this for a few weeks because my client

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