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Yesterday I was trying to find a WordPress widget that would allow me to show a portion of text in a hover over tool-tip type setup.  I’ve been looking for something like this for a few weeks because my client wanted a this type of effect on their services page.  Not only did they want the hover over effect for extra text, but they were looking to have it click through to the content as well.  This was a little more complex than I expected, but I finally found this WordPress plugin called Tippy that handles it perfectly.  After installing it I found it worked perfectly on many different WordPress themes.  I thought that I would share a short video of what it looks like when it is working and then explain briefly how to install it.

Here’s what the widget looks like in action:

To install it, all you have to do is go to your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins Menu and click “Add New”:

Add a new WordPress widget plugin

Search for the Tippy WordPress widget and make sure you find the 3.2.0 version or later.

Search for Tippy WordPress Widget

Click “Install Now” and confirm the installation when this message pops up:

Do you want to install the Tippy WordPress Widget?

Activate the plugin next:

Activate the WordPress widget

Then go the settings menu on the left hand side in your WordPress dashboard and click the “Tippy” settings link: Tippy WordPress Plugin Settings

Now you can see the setting page, and use the example short code to set your own hover over tool tip:

Tippy WordPress Widget Settings Page

Here is the example shortcode you would use:

Short Code For WordPress Widget

[tippy title=”Here is an EXAMPLE of the widget in action” reference=”” header=”on”]Here is an EXAMPLE of the widget in action.  You can place as much copy as you want inside this bracket.[/tippy]

Have you found another widget like this that you like?  I am always looking to find new WordPress widgets that help me develop more quickly.  Contact me if you need anything! Thanks for checking out this post and I look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

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